The Curriculum

The Compass Experience is a five month process which involves testing, teaching, class interaction, and application. The end goal of students being ethical employees, adding value to business, and growing and advancing in their career.

Teaching Segments:

Leading Self Leading Others Leading in Business
Responsibility Resolving Conflict Investments
Respect Emotional Intelligence Personal & Business Finance
Integrity Health & Wellness Sales & Marketing
Focus and Action Critical Thinking Culture & Ethics
Servanthood Communication Logistics
Priority Management Team Building
Understanding Self Vision & Creation


Upon graduation students receive the knowledge and practical application of leadership. Learning how to lead themselves in responsibility and priorities. To understand and dialogue with others while learning what makes a business work.

Deron Lock

Compass is an interactive experience that is not a seminar or an event but stresses relationship. Students have to internalize the principles that are being taught. The students meet with coaches and other leaders to be results oriented at the work place. I'm proud were helping change America at the core.

Darin Locke Board of Directors

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Student Application